About Poly-URE

A lot has happened since 1981 when owner Gilles Perreault Sr. opened Poly-Ure Castings for business, moving to Earlton with his wife and three kids in tow. Growing up, Gilles witnessed how much hard work it took to get going from nothing and maintain a thriving business through economic ups and downs.

Gilles took over in 2005 to help keep his father’s dream alive.

Gilles’ dad showed him the ropes, and under Gilles, Poly-Ure Castings has continued to maintain a solid reputation built over 40 years – and they plan to keep it that way. (The elder Perreault still comes into the shop to share business wisdom and production pointers!)

Through honesty in business dealings and quality exceeding customer expectations, Poly-Ure Castings has had a great run, made it far, and built something to be proud of. This pride drives their commitment to customer service.

“We make sure to maintain relationships with all our customers, big or small, in every industry we serve. We know everybody needs what they need yesterday. We strive to anticipate those needs and deliver their parts with as much speed and efficiency possible, while always maintaining quality. Our goal is to work with the customer to ensure there is mutual respect for what is possible. We make it our business to know the customer behind the purchasers, and strive to ensure we understand each others’ process. That’s the relationship I’ve dedicated myself to building with all my customers. That’s what it’s all about.”

Our methods are tried and true, but that doesn’t mean Poly-Ure Castings is resting on our laurels – we are always looking to the future to expand our service, leverage new technology, and refine our processes.